Protocol Training

Protocol Committee Workshop: Develop or update your local Protocol

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The Protocol Committee workshop is designed to develop and/or update the local protocol for the investigation and prosecution of child abuse, sexual abuse and sexual exploitation cases. Areas include legislative updates, mandated reporting, current DFCS policy, best practices, the new Juvenile Code, obtainment and payment of the forensic medical examination, commercial child sexual exploitation, new contact information and referral forms and prosecution areas governing charging decisions, evidence, discovery, child hearsay and child testimony.

The training also covers the Protocol Committee’s mandated purpose, mission and responsibilities as outlined in O.C.G.A §19-15-2 including the biannual meeting and preparing the Annual report. 

Multiagency Protocol Implementation Training:  Protocol refresher

Multiagency involvement is critical in the implementation of the Protocol. This training focuses on effective collaborative response in child abuse investigation and prosecution. This training is designed to provide a greater awareness of inter-agency resources, each agency’s role in the multidisciplinary response to child abuse investigations and prosecutions and to enhance cooperation and better relationships. The format is interactive and participant involvement is encouraged. Issues are addressed and effective resolutions discussed.