How does the committee get notification of a child death when Coroner/ME fails to notify?

Additional means of obtaining information regarding child deaths in the county include the following:

  • The CFRP staff distribute known child death information to each county chairperson/designee and coroner at least once a quarter.  These lists detail eligible deaths that have occurred within the county.
  • The CFR Chairperson/designee can also contact the local vital records office to request a list of all child deaths filed in the county monthly.
  • For those counties that use the GBI Crime Lab for autopsies, the chairperson/designee can contact GBI directly to find out if any children from their county have received forensic pathology services.
  • The Chairperson/designee can follow procedures outlined in the policy and procedures manual for getting mandated members to participate in the review, thus requiring participation by the coroner/medical examiner.