Ashley Willcott, J.D., C.W.L.S

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About OCA

Our vision for this agency is that it be the first place for those in government and the private sector to turn for advice, assistance, and aid regarding the at-risk families and foster children of our state. To realize that vision, we pledge:

  • To respond in a helpful manner to all complaints, concerns, and questions we receive about our state's child-serving agencies and to use staff expertise to overcome obstacles to achieving positive outcomes for children and families in need of assistance;
  • To use our well-trained evaluation and policy staff to collect objective data about the safety and well-being of our state's children and to share that information with policymakers; and
  • To serve as a reliable source for proven, evidence-based practices and policies our state's government and communities can implement to improve the lives of families most in need of assistance.

This office will work  proactively and steadily to improve the way our state helps families in need.  We hope that by working in partnership with other child-serving agencies and child advocates, we can avoid tragic outcomes rather than merely reacting to crises and tragedies.